Monday, November 29, 2010

Pictionary: My Bloody Wall

This is a long delayed post. I finished painting my wall weeks ago but I didn't get the chance to shoot it until yesterday. I wanted to capture it with natural light.

It's not noticeable in the pictures but the color of that column at the right is different from the rest of the wall. I painted that part a few weeks before I finished the entire wall. I originally planned to cover the rest of the wall with this gorgeous black and off white, victorian wallpaper that I saw at True Value but I thought one roll wouldn't be enough and two would just be too damn expensive. So now I have a solid red wall which reminds me of Mr. Big's. He didn't quite like his "communist China" wall though while I really like mine.

This sitting area of the room needs a few more furnishings; a floor lamp is at the top of the list followed by a bean bag or a small ottoman and a rug.


Homeless Chic at Home

Off topic: This is an old shirt that I wear at home especially to bed. It's perfectly, naturally distressed. I can't get over how comfortable and Rodarte-ish it is.

This antique, wooden sofa (?) is from my housemate H.

By the way, have you noticed the interesting shift of interest from fashion design to interior design? I definitely have. I think it's a sensible transition during these days of fashion this, fashion that. I personally have been more inclined to visit furniture shops lately than clothing stores. I'm not turning my back against fashion, no. But I like how I've recently developed a special liking for interior design and architecture. I like to think it broadens my creative sensibilities.


  1. i love the red wall! nakakainggit. haha kaso we rent lang eh so i can't really paint on the walls or anything.

  2. Thanks! That's funny because I'm also renting so I'll probably get in trouble for this. I didn't tell the owner about the wall. :D