Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Heart Under Repair

Because I'm such an expert at love, err, heartbreaks, let me break down the four stages of a break-up/falling out as I understand it. Notice how many times I used the word 'break'?
  1. Hurt- This is where the impact is the most methinks. It starts with denial. This also entails a careful assessment of how the situations were handled. Self-pity is also pretty common. Everything is a hot damn mess bound to be filled with tears and maybe even alcohol. Emotional extravaganza, anyone?
  2. Bitterness-"I'm ok. I mean, I'm happier without him. What the hell was I thinking?! I deserve someone much better." Riiight. Try not to shoot those lovers canoodling in public.
  3. Acceptance- You're slowly starting to open up (Read: Slutty McJizz. JK). Gradually, you realize that you'll actually be alright, if not truly better, without him. These are the last days in heartbreak rehab. All of a sudden, there's an abundance of very eligible guys. A little sting may still be felt everytime you remember him but it's not the kind that lingers.
  4. Apathy or Friendship- You know longer care about the "Who Dies Miserably" game. In fact, there may even be a genuine care for this ex or former love interest. Wishes of his demise are replaced by sincere apologies or friendly greetings. This stage though is the hardest to come to. Some people get stuck in either of the last three ones which is really horrible and one of the reasons why love is so fucked up.
The worst effect of getting your heart broken is it exhausts you of your ability to trust. It makes you lose faith and could possibly leave you with a cat, anguish ridden Facebook shout-outs, and a table for one in your favorite cafe. Yet, here we are thinking it's worth another shot.



  1. going through the same phase. . Luke

  2. Sorry to know that Luke. Hang in there.

  3. Personally, I think we all recover seconds after a break-up. We always toy with the possibility of moving on right away, and most the time, that's a good sign. :)

  4. That's true. We try to be positive about it, even immediately after the impact. But I won't really call it recovery. Composure maybe. :)