Friday, August 12, 2011

My Life As Told by Yesterday

Yesterday I watched a movie alone. I had a jumbo tray of nachos bathing in melted cheese, donuts and a Sprite. I just wanted to collapse in a nice, comfortable seat with my full attention on the screen as a reward to myself after an exhausting afternoon. The first step of my latest job application appointment involved walking several blocks along E. Rod and a few more in Ortigas. After the 4-part exam, I decided to hit the mall to check on the leather sandals that have been haunting me since I saw them last week. They're gone. I didn't make the impulse purchase because I was in the process of buying shoes when I tried it on. Leather. Velvety soft. Brown. On sale. And now, gone. It would have been irrational but good gawd I still can't get over it.

I watched the much talked about Cinemalaya entry Ang Babae sa Septic Tank. It was funny and quite insightful. It's interesting how something so indie is doing well in a commercial run.

Dissatisfied, I retreated to Bon Chon after the movie. It was rather odd eating there alone.

Once home, I had a chat with MFG. The usual banter.

Yesterday I watched a movie alone. I applied for a job. I walked a lot. I lusted over footwear. I pigged out. I had a quiet evening at home.

Here's to hoping tomorrow tells a different story.

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