Friday, August 26, 2011

Milk Tea Mania

Is it the new frozen yogurt? The new gelato? The new pearl shake?

I finally tried Chatime today. Some friends and bloggers have been raving about it; based on the long lines at its counters, it's quite the hit. But I personally don't get it--or at least not yet.

I ordered the generic Pearl Milk Tea (Large, P90) and while I did enjoy it, I don't find anything so special about the drink. I do like the fact that they allow you to freely decide how much sugar you want, but flavor-wise, it was rather underwhelming. I can whip up something similar, if  not better, at home minus the pearls. Perhaps other variants are better? I'm willing to try. Meanwhile, I'm skipping lunch because those pearls certainly filled me up.

Photo: Chatime


  1. Quite the statement. Yes, these tea places are what yogurt was last year.

    I like Moonleaf. Haven't tried Chatime. But it's funny how people are investing all this time and money when essentially, it's just tea. it's been around for ages.

  2. Yeah, I think it's just another trend that will pass eventually. Haven't tried Moonleaf yet. Soon.