Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Chuvaness Effect

Today was crazy. At one point, I was literally shaking out of excitement. Imagine my surprise when famed blogger Chuvaness herself confirmed with me on Twitter that it was indeed Oscar-winning actor Adrien Brody that I spotted at the airport yesterday. She even DM-ed me. But above everything else, she also blogged about it, used the photos I took, and provided a link to this blog. I almost hyperventilated at EDSA when I saw the entry.

As expected, the exposure brought an insane amount of traffic to this humble, little online corner of mine. The number of hits went through the roof and almost 1,200 of the referrals were from

Someone from GMA 7 also reached out asking if they could use the photos I took. They probably didn't get my response on time as the said photos didn't make it to their late night newscast.

How cray-cray today was. Thank you Adrien Brody. Thank you CVS. It's more fun in the Philippines alright.

And of course, thank You for cheering me up. I needed that.

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