Monday, February 06, 2012


There's no denying that she's done better work in the past (i.e. Confessions), but come on, the woman is 53. I'm still not feeling 'Give Me Your Luvin' but that was a spectacular show. And oh, some giants won a game?

I thought the entrance was amazing (That head piece!), it promised the next few minutes to be a performance of epic proportions. And it was, really. But in the middle of 'Vogue' and during 'Music' I felt like she wasn't in the best shape, kind of worn down even. She even tripped at some point. Contrary to what the theme suggests, she's a mortal after all just like all of us. LMFAO was a pleasant surprise though. That was cute.

Like I said, I'm not a big fan of her latest song. Nicki Minaj was ok but M.I.A. was more saucy and entertaining and it's not just because she flashed the middle finger.

Then Cee Lo came into the picture. That electric, dancing teddy bear! He almost stole the show.

'Like A Prayer' was my favorite part. I had chills and after the nth time of watching the video, it got me emotional because it dawned on me that this might be it. When are going to see another Madonna again? I know she has a new album and everything but I'm afraid she's going the conformist way the way she did with her later albums.

Anyway, she did a good job entertaining the world today. She rocked that Givenchy. She  put on a damn good show and she's definitely still the queen.

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