Monday, February 13, 2012


There are too many goodbyes being said. 

My folks arrived Manila today. They leave for the US on Friday. It's not easy, not just for me. Back at home, everyone's already feeling their absence.

After dinner, I saw my mom holding a photo album. She's going to bring it with them. Looking at the old photographs, I couldn't help but get emotional. But just when I'm tearing up, I'd find something funny. Thanks to photography, such precious moments have been immortalized, albeit on stained photo paper that smells.

These photos affirm my suspicion that my mother dressed very well back then. I think I got the fashion gene from her. Then that's my father (far right) looking way better than me and my brother. His grandmother was Spanish, I think.

Then there were four. I love my outfit here. As usual, I'm distracted.

Did my mom have a faghag? Or is he just a guy friend? He's on several photos including the other one at the top. Either way, I love my mother's outfit in this photo. So 70s chic with a hint of androgyny.

Then the 90s happened. Check out my bowl cut. Also, acid wash anyone?



  1. I also had a bowl cut. And I believe that was one of my best haircuts ever.

  2. No wonder it made a comeback among the fasyon!

  3. Ugh, that awful moment when you feel the barber's scissors tracing a straight line on your forehead. I am so glad that part of my life's over. haha

  4. Good thing I developed a penchant for risqué hairstyles early in life. (Read: Gay) lol