Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Don't V Sad

Unsolicited justification of being single in 3, 2...

Nah. Whether you think it's just another Tuesday or it's lovers' holiday, try to have fun. As for me, I started the day by burning a finger with the oven, having breakfast with my parents, and giving a visiting uncle a phone (myphone4s). We're off to Cavite in a bit. Maybe we'll have dinner in Tagaytay, I'm not sure yet.

As usual. it's Valentine's Day and I'm dateless and single. I'm not justifying that and say I prefer it that way and convince my life is so awesome because that's bullcrap. I might as well work with what I have and just stuff my face with buko pie later.

Enjoy today!



  1. a belated happy valentines day, James. save me a slice of that buko pie and let's revel in the fact that it was a tuesday and that's all it had to be. haha

  2. Hahahah... Same to you. Congrats, we made it through. :D