Friday, February 24, 2012


All this time, I've kept this blog a secret from people I personally know. Slowly, I began to tell friends about it. There's only about 5 of them  though. What's great is it worked the other way around. I gained new friends because of this online journal. I've said it several times before; the ultimate goal of this is to have a personal documentation of my life the way I see it. Getting  followers and hits, of course, make me happy but I just consider those a bonus.

The very few people who have been reading this blog know how personal it is. I've shared stories including those that, maybe, I should have kept to myself. But that defeats the purpose. It's supposed to be a sanctuary where I can bare a part of me that I don't get to expose even to people who are close to me---no inhibitions, as raw and as honest as possible. It's a great outlet, especially when it gets too heavy. This blog is the priest that I confess to every now and then. Someone once said it's a part of me, and he's right.

I have considered volunteering my blog address to the rest of my friends but I didn't see the point. It's just not my style. Should it happen, I wanted them to find this little corner of the interwebs by chance or through an awesome phenomenon and not directly through me. Aside from privacy reasons, that concept may also be rooting from the belief that I'm more creative than that.

In a matter of 12 hours, this blog gained over 2,000 page views thanks to my stalking skills. I know for a fact that some of those are by friends. That idea got me so worried I was considering switching the privacy setting to 'by invitation only' but I realized that's closing too many doors. This baby, I thought, needs to try new things and grow. And perhaps it's about time those who care get to know me a little better. Good thing I'm not Gossip Girl.

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