Monday, April 09, 2012


Today, Easter morning, I woke up feeling like I myself have risen from the dead.

My sister arrived from abroad yesterday and we went to our aunt's place in Cavite to spend the night. Naturally, knowing me, I couldn't sleep until around 3 AM which was obviously way too late when there's a mandatory 8 o'clock mass to catch the following morning.

My groggy state did not prevent me from having fun today though. Our aunt brought us to this farm that's just about a 5-minute drive from her house.

I knew it would be an interesting trip but I didn't expect to find half of the stuff I saw there. It's no ordinary farm.

There's more to this place than just flora and fauna. It was pretty awesome. I was pleasantly surprised.

In the afternoon, we went back to Manila and did a little shopping. Well, she did. Then we spent the rest of the evening catching up over a great, Filipino dinner.

Despite lacking sleep, I'm thankful for today. Happy Easter indeed.

Now, about that sleep.


  1. Happy easter! And are those raspberries?

  2. Happy Easter! Blackberries. :)

  3. Just love the freshness of the vegies you have in there. And oh, the horny-ish pose of this cat. Dang- sexy. lol

  4. I will not see that cat the same way again! Hahah...