Thursday, April 05, 2012

Just Maundy Thursday

So who else is doing Enrique, I mean, visita iglesia?

If I were home with my family, we'd all be church hopping with my father's 'brothers' and their respective families all day. But since I'm in Manila with only myself to please, I woke up late from a 9-hour sleep and spent the entire day staying in. I wasn't sure if we're not supposed to have meat already or only tomorrow, Good Friday, so I had hotdogs for breakfast. No more meat after that though until, uhm, is it Saturday or Sunday?

Anyway, the rest of the hot afternoon was spent lazing around until I decided to drop by the nearby church. While preparing, I thought I'd try something new with my face since I don't really plan on showing it to anyone I know within the next day or two. I shaved it clean, including the upper lip which, for years, I only trimmed. I've always thought I look weird with a bare upper lip. I'm thinking of it as my Lenten penance--because, you know, it's similar to getting nailed to a cross.

Another penance happened, albeit involuntarily, after taking a bath. Let me just say that anyone who claims to have experienced pain in their life should try getting their balls bitten by an ant.

This holy week is not as holy and as eventful as before but I'm just glad I don't have to wake up to an alarm clock for a few days.


  1. It's a nice universe where alarm clocks and religion do not coexist so peacefully. :)

  2. True that! Nice seeing you here again. :)

  3. I know. I haven't been poking around lately. Buti bakasyon.