Monday, April 16, 2012


Within the obscure corners of my mind are hazy memories that would randomly pop out. Some of which I question whether real or I just imagined to be real. One such memory that I know actually existed in real life is that of a movie I saw several times when I was little. All I remember from it is a boy who befriended a little fairy named 'Urugu'--or at least that's what is sounded. I Googled it several times before hoping to relive the somber, weird and slightly creepy vibes I got from that movie but failed to find any relevant results until a few minutes ago when I gave it another shot.

Apparently, the title is 'The Flying Sneaker' and according to IMdb, the movie is from Czechoslovakia/Canada. It also seems to be very popular in Latin America based on YouTube comments.

There's something about this movie that's a little depressing and it's not just the ending. I still want to watch it though. If only I can find the full-length version.

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