Tuesday, April 03, 2012


There are good reasons why I'm always discouraged to get a Starbucks frappuccino; it's expensive and fattening. It's a lose-lose situation basically.

There are times, however, when I choose to overlook the downsides to consuming such decadence. Unlike the Starbucks frap though, which is now less appetizing because of the different brand of milk that they use, I make sure every bite is damn well worth the extra buck and the extra flabs.

Such is the case with Delimondo. I have heard of this canned corned beef since time immemorial but didn't get to try it until a few weeks ago. They're right, it's the bomb; long shreds of juicy, tender beef shreds with a kick of garlic and chili cradled in almost too much oil. It's not too spicy neither too sweet. It's just right, a perfect breakfast to start the day. It doesn't come cheap at P160 a pop but matched with eggs and warm rice, I was able to serve three hungry, grown people with one can and everyone was satisfied.

Then there's the ubiquitous Magnum ice cream that recently took the country by storm what with its extravagant marketing efforts. It's undeniably delicious (my favorite is Chocolate Truffle) but I do think P50 is a little too steep. Also, I have a sensitive throat so I always think twice before indulging in anything sweet and cold. Having said that, Magnum is best enjoyed every once in a while preferably when someone else is paying. (Side note: I had the urge to try the Classic earlier but Magnum is sold out in the supermarket, 7 Eleven and Mini Stop. Insane.)

Speaking of begrudgingly-handing-money-while-eyes-closed, Chimara's multi-flavored tofu chips are bound to send me bankrupt. My flavor of choice is Onion and Chives and I absolutely cannot get enough of it. I even brought some to Cavite and another bag to Boracay. It's so good and since it's tofu, I would like to believe that it's healthy. The only turn-off is the price which is P270 for a 'Heavyweight' bag. Good thing it lasts me several days especially when not shared.

I don't mind doing a few more crunches for these little indulgences. A day when I get to enjoy Delimondo, Magnum and Chimara's tofu chips--and maybe some red bean milk tea--is time (and money) well spent.


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