Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Like what I tweeted several days ago, "Ang taas ng pangarap, ang baba ng sweldo."

Are you going anywhere for the rest of the hot season? I have plans but I'm worried about the accommodation. Like everyone else, I make sure to get the most out of every buck. I'm certainly not looking for 5-star resorts but I have a few specific conditions.


No Native. I am very iffy about nipa huts and cabanas. Those types of rooms usually smell stuffy and are more prone to molds. I know this because I happen to have stayed in this type of accommodation in the past. Some hotels, like Crystal Blue in Batangas and Canyon Woods (formerly Asya) in Boracay are successfully able to incorporate the native theme to their rooms without compromising the guests' comfort but a lot others tried and failed miserably mostly because of lack of maintenance.

I personally prefer modern and new looking spaces with clean lines and less fuss; clean, light-colored walls, amber lighting, white linens, glass dividers/panels in the restroom, tiles free of stains and stainless steel bathroom fixtures. These are some of the reasons I enjoyed staying at TheTides and Shore Time Boracay.


Good Lighting. Any place deprived of sunlight, or any light for that matter, is likely to attract mold and worse, roaches. *cringe* A poorly lit room may be so because it has undesirable secrets the management wants to hide so I try to avoid such places. It gets tricky so I like to look at as much pictures, and even videos online, before booking anything.


Appropriate Location. This varies on the destination and the purpose of the trip but I personally prefer something that's at the center of the action for convenience. Too much noise is usually the downside to such properties which is why well-appointed, sound-proof rooms are very much appreciated.

When booking accommodation, I always like to make sure that it's something that won't make me miss my own room. Going on vacation is a form of escapism so why would anyone want end up in an uncomfortable situation? An effective way to test if a place is good enough is if I wouldn't mind staying in the entire day in case something unexpected happens, like a typhoon.

I certainly hope the weather cooperates because the way things are going, I may just have to ignore these personal standards soon and just find relief in the company of fun travel buddies. Also, I need a raise.

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