Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ondoy and Hermes

The death toll is up to 140. Jeezus.

Manila is in trauma right now.

Even my friend H was not spared. The water reached up to less than a foot from her ceiling. She lost everything in her apartment including her laptop, TV, fridge, her passport and other important documents. Good thing she was in the office when the catastrophe reached its peak.

Apparently, it's not just Richard Guttierez who got his Superman on during the typhoon. Jericho Rosales and Gerald Anderson did too. Amazing.

I wanted to help out in the outreach operations but I thought I should start from my own circle first by doing simple things to help. This includes some emotional support. So I dropped by the office yesterday to cheer H up with some donuts and laughter.

My Ayala movie pass was about to expire so I decided to go to Greenbelt afterward. I watched 'In My Life'. It's quite entertaining and touching. Ate V shines as usual.

Spotted: Veejay Floresca with Patrick of PRP Season 2.

Before getting a cab I saw this.

Yes love, that's Hermes... in the third world.

How does the irony make you feel?


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