Monday, September 21, 2009

I Dream of NYC: Spring 2010 Fashion Week (Part 2)

New York Fashion Week may be over but the looks from the shows still linger in my mind from time to time as if I actually saw each fringe, each bow and each sequin from the front rows. Here's the last batch of shows that I think will influence next year's Spring wear the most.

Marc Jacobs

Ruffles much? The show started with a questionable aesthetic (for me) with frills exploding left and right. But as the show progresses, err as I click over to the next slides, the collection starts to mak
e sense. The luxurious clown-wear I deemed it to be became an appealing set of edgy, fun, if not frivolous, affairs worn during breezy summer days. I'm not sure about the saleability of the clothes but Marc Jacobs definitely has accomplished a solid presentation.

Not so relevant, but gawd, Marc is looking good. And I love his sandals.

Michael Kors

Sticking to his trademark clean, sleek, all-American fashion sensibilities, Michael Kors once again delivers the goods with just the right amount of sex and romance. Cut-outs are evidently one of the hottest trends to hit this season's runways as affirmed by this presentation.

I love how Michael Kors can spruce up a simple sweater with straightforward execution and impeccable sophistication. His line is my kind of preppy.

3.1 Phillip Lim

Jeezus how chic is Mr. Lim's shit? Sorry, I curse when I'm excited. He created sexy, elegant clothes that will sell. Some taste makers did express though that the collection is reminiscent of things which were already presented in the past. Well, I don't know about that. But I do know that a lot of girls will max out their credit cards on these lovely dresses. I admire the glamorous yet fun feel of this show.


If I'm not mistaken, this is a relatively new label. Apparently, they collaborated with Yoko Ono for this collection using some of her illustrations as prints. The shows compact with only 23 stunning looks. Take note of the magnificent tailoring and sexy, modern silhouettes. Wow.

Gawd. How I wish to attend these shows in the tents in the future. I wonder if Tim Garcia needs an assistant. lol


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