Friday, September 25, 2009

Project Runway Philippines: The Safe-garde Challenge

Gareth Pugh Spring 2009

Someone's clearly not doing his job as the pictures from the last episode are still not up on etc's Project Runway website. Hence the Gareth Pugh creation pictured above which gives away this week's challenge.

Yup. It's the avant-garde competition!

The designers were taken on a trip to Batangas for their inspiration which came in the form of architect Ed Calma's amazing house. It's modern, uber sophisticated, yet edgy.

One highlight of the episode though is the resurrection of Patrick. Yes, the bitch is back and it's not even the wild card challenge yet! The show justified his return with Teresa saying how they see so much potential in Patrick, yadda yadda yadda. It's kind of lame to only realize that now but I'm really glad he's back.

For this challenge, designers worked with a fellow contestant as a partner. It's hard to talk about the looks without the pictures but I'll continue ranting anyway.

Richie and Santi - It could've been just a textured white dress with an interesting hem if not for the Cobonpue inspired wire bolero and the plastic sheets. It actually looks interesting but I wish they experimented more with the silhoutte. Also, while Santi is quite articulate, bitch just talks too much.

Cherry and Meanne - This two clearly had problems communicating with each other. A cocktail dress with a weird, wired sleeve was all they could come up with.

Patrick and Russell - Gawd. Like the judges, I expected so much from this duo. But their dress was a let-down. They really should have just ditched the zippers and wrapped the wired sleeves with fabric instead. Not a very good comeback for Patrick.

Hanz and Manny - There's something annoying about Hanz but he's obviously one of the front runners in this competition. These two's interpretion was interesting; a catsuit with an exaggerated collar and circular wires around the bodice (another Cobonpue furniture inspiration). It was the most unique and the edgiest for this round so they deserve the win. I just wish they styled the look with different shoes instead of those boots.

By the way, no one got booted out.


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