Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Gay Gaze

Playing hard to get is never something I was good at. If I like someone, I waste little time to suspend any sign of interest from my end---which is probably something I should change. But this morning, I got especially adventurous. The man slut in me didn't miss a beat.
Of all places, it was in a jeepney en route to work. After sitting down and handing the driver my fare, I noticed this guy (fair, cute, average body, tame looking) seated across throwing some glances at me. He was in his corporate attire with his tie folded inside his breast pocket. I, on the other hand, was in my usual jeans, sneakers and t-shirt combo.
Shameless, I started reciprocating with equally meaningful stares. He started licking his puckers while looking at me. I responded by biting my lower lip barely taking my eyes off his. He got totally hot and bothered and even had some difficulty breathing. But he was obviously enjoying it based on the bulge that formed in his slacks. Though he seemed disgruntled, he didn't stop staring intently until he closed his eyes for a moment, leaned back and started breathing in and out. After that, I guess he was able to compose himself since he stopped looking at my direction--until of course I put my bag aside and opened my legs a little bit wider. Hahahah...
He started staring again at my eyes and my crotch alternately. The poor guy almost hyperventilated when I subtly ran my finger along my inner thigh.
Once at the stop, he got off (the jeepney that is). I did too. He took a few more glances before I threw all inhibitions to oblivion and came up to him. His name's Mark and he was on his way to work. He seemed very shy and timid. I take it he's not very used to shit like this, not that I'm such an expert.
Again, shameless, I asked him if he isn't getting my number. "Next time," he muttered. Ouch!
Me: So ano yung tinitignan mo kanina?
Mark: Pareho ng tinitignan mo.
Me: Are you sure? (I don't know if he got it, but I was referring to him not getting my number)
Mark: (Some noise that I took as a yes)
Then I went ahead and moved on with my life.
This is the first time I did something like this by the way. Gawd, I don't know but that was surely a fun way to start the day.


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