Monday, September 27, 2010

Friends Until Further Notice

Are you the answer?

Is mine a sad story pre-written by fate?

The reason why you should never lose hope is because you would not recognize opportunity even when it's not standing right in front of you. But what if it just becomes too difficult to hold on?

I'm not good at heartbreaks. Considering how many times I've experienced it, I should be good at this by now. But you never really get used to it. I'd be laughing at myself if it didn't hurt this much. I guess I have to stop thinking about what I'd be like as a Jew.

Simply put, as I understand it, he needs to work on himself first before he can be in a relationship and work on ''us''.--- Work. There's a word.

In fairness to him, he's been honest and he apologized for his shortcomings. He did exert efforts to make it work. Last night, he made a promise. But for the meantime, he wants me to keep my options open.

I never even got to tell him about the Garlic Potato Soup that I made. He's the one who suggested it.

Some stranger just messaged me online asking if that was me he saw at Rockwell 2 weeks ago and provided a detailed description. That certainly was me. That's the night MFG and I had dinner.

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