Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Just when I found the classroom, I realized it never occured to me to bring a notebook. So sweating like a pig, I made my way to National Bookstore. When I got back, there were already about 3 people inside the room. Nobody talked to anyone. Not even nods were exchanged as far as I'm concerned and I was perfectly fine with that. I sat the closest to the front (second row) while everybody seemed to avoid the seats at the center, except for this not bad-looking guy who sat about two chairs to my right.

People trickled in as I patiently sat there trying to appear cool and calm while these two girls to my right chattered about. A few minutes after the scheduled start of the class, this svelte woman barged in wearing a smile and some pretty fabulous heels.

As expected, we had to introduce ourselves one by one. Not only that, at the end of the resume information, we needed to provide an answer to the question "If you were a product, what would you be?"

With as much bravado I could muster, I stood up and said my piece.

"Hi. Call me James. If I were a product, I would be a bag because... I'm a hobag at heart?"

Fine, I didn't really say the last part. I was even too shy to say it would be nice to be a black, croc Birkin.

The introduction to the lesson went smoothly although I realize there's so much I need to learn. It's strange for me to say this but I wish we had even just a little discussion about the course itself and not just an outline of what to expect from it. But no, she let us go about 2 hours early. Oh, but only after our Vietnamese classmate had our group picture taken!

On the way out, I was surprised to be approached by this guy who works as an area manager(?) for FedEx. He must have thought I'm into the puss puss because he called me "pare". I wonder if I changed his perception after actually talking to him.

Climbing the stairs of the LRT station, I came up to a classmate in front of me who was going to the same directoin. He seemed to have worse socializing issues than I do. I could only say so much niceties so I decided to hop on the first train that stopped while he was lining up to get a ticket. I'm a little sorry I didn't say goodbye.

That's about it. Not so interesting eh? I have another class tomorrow though, so we'll see.

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