Monday, September 20, 2010

Mad Man

You know how strong your feelings are for someone just thinking about it makes you cry?

I was talking to a good friend over the phone the other day. After a good round of cheerful conversation and laughter, I realized she was right when she pointed out I've never talked about a guy like this before. She somehow found it mesmerizing how serious I am with this one. It's not just her. I was with H yesterday and she noticed it too.

I'm honestly uncertain about where or how this will all turn out as nothing is black and white. But just like he said, anything worth keeping is worth waiting for.


  1. Everything is a risk. I hope this turns into something. :)

  2. Kinikilig naman ako. I think it's moments like that when you realize things are different, that there's a chance for improving things. I, too hope it turns into something real soon. :)

  3. Aww... Guys, thank you, really. We shall see. :)

  4. smile galore kapag naiisip mo sya... eeeeeeeee. nakakarelate ako! Ü

  5. storayahi ko cna b..