Friday, September 03, 2010

Use Somebody

Last night, I was playing the online game World of Warcraft. Yes, I know! I know! It's insane I know. The last time I got into a role playing game over the Internet was during the popularity of Counter Strike when I barely had pubes.

It's his fault. He made me download the 10-day trial version last week. Then last night, he talked me into actually playing it. It was pretty cool. He showed me around the online realm. To return the favor, I introduced him to Looklet. I thought, he was going to hate it. But my gawd, he now has more looks (and likes) than I do. He goes a little overboard with the layering and accessorizing but he was actually able to come up with more than decent looks.

On more serious matters, I really don't know where this is going. Just the other night, he told me he was giving his ex another chance. His phone got stolen that same day though and took it as a sign that it's just not meant to happen. You know I was having palpitations during that conversation.

After the WoW tour, I threw a fit about how he doesn't really want to bond in person. He explained by enumerating the things he has to accomplish and said I'll be the first guy he'll hang out with once he's free---but it can't be earlier than September 13. Wait, he meant this year, right?

He's really sweet. Then again, I may just be over-analyzing his words. It's so confusing.

I really want to see him soon so I can assess what we really have can have. I know we're very different. He's Warcraft, I'm Looklet. But somehow, we manage to meet somewhere in between and understand and learn from each other.

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  1. It's confusing but there must be something there if you managed to put WoW and Looklet in the same room!