Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Haggard, The Helping and The Heart

Somebody give me an award!

When I woke up this morning, I knew it was going to be a full day, but I didn't know it was going to be this crazy. The 5 carat diamond that formed in my bladder today while stuck in traffic and while waiting at the DFA is not even half of the story.

I dropped by at the office this morning, sent money on behalf of an uncle, then went straight to the DFA for an urgent concern regarding my sister's documents. The liaison sounded like an unhelpful prick over the phone so I decided to just miss work and do it myself.

After four hours of starvation and what seemed like a lifetime of waiting, after calling home to greet my dear pops a happy birthday and after two phone calls from abroad regarding more favors/errands, I went back to Mandaluyong to meet friends who are staying over my apartment in the next few days.

It had started raining really hard when we left the my place. They went to Tiendesitas for debauchery while I headed to school, but not before paying for the credit card bill which was due today. It was supposed to be easy if the Bayad Center nearby wasn't already closed. I had no choice but to take a detour and paid at SM just before finally making it to the classroom---panting, with wet shoes.

After the good round of discussion in class, I checked my phone to find 6 missed calls---from the office. It was the secretary who was still at work at 8:30 pm. Bitch couldn't find some files so I had to call her. It pissed me off because my phone was getting low on charge. I had to drop by 7Eleven to charge my phone before hopping on a cab to finally do something for myself.

With my Marketing book on the left hand, a bag of Starbucks goodies on the other, and hope in my heart, I marched to his office not knowing how he'll take my surprise visit.

He was in a meeting when I called. He came up to me with this smile I haven't seen him wear before. It was good seeing him looking happy like that.

"Mission accomplished," I said to myself.

I watched him walk away taking with him the coffee and muffin that I brought, that smile of his, and a good part of me.


  1. I'd been wanting to get one of those smiles myself. I wasn't remotely aware that the answer is just breakfast coffee and pastry. LOL.

  2. :D It really is the little things.