Sunday, July 10, 2011

Consumer Corner: Price Discrepancy

It's not a product review. I'm just glad to have caught the price discrepancy at Robinson's supermarket today.

The Heinz ketchup was P77.10 at the shelf but P81.25 at the counter. Good thing I saw it. I guess it would take more time to void the transaction since I put it on my card so they asked if they could just give me P4.00. I agreed.

I'm sure they didn't mean to put the wrong price since they took it off the shelf right then and there but I've read stories about how supermarkets cheat their customers by charging more than what they should so beware.


  1. OMG kahit P4 lang yun, it adds up in the long run ha.

  2. True! It makes you wonder how many people bought that product without knowing they overpaid.