Monday, July 11, 2011

Kermit Tesoro

Filipino fashion prodigy Kermit Tesoro has made his avant-garde shoes available for online purchase. The designer, whose footwear made it to the Lady Gaga + Gilt sale a few weeks ago, now accepts orders of his sky high kicks through his website

Kermit Tesoro shoes for Lady Gaga + Gilt. Gaga loves Kermit alright.

If I'm not mistaken, Divine Lee, who has been rocking Kermit's creations for some time now, helped make the online store happen. She has been after all wearing them a lot from the last PFW--which is when I got to see her in the flesh in those spiky, heelless 'Kermits'--to her  Mega cover.

You know the fashion queens are all scrambling to get a pair. Some of them may in fact already have placed their orders. Although the ordering process is a tad complicated, I think this is such a great leap for Philippine fashion. Kermit's shoes are customized upon finalizing the orders after all. I hope more designers follow suit. It's about time we get on with the program. Teh interwebs is the gateway to globalization!

I was lucky enough to have sat in one of Kermit's shows during Philippine Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2011 and even then I thought he was really good. His work is very reminiscent of McQueen and sometimes Gareth Pugh but I don't think anyone else in the local industry is doing what he does.

Slighty Gareth Pugh-esque, don't you think?

I do hope that he gets sufficient funding. Sometimes, it's hard for an artist to have his fantastic ideas translate to actual pieces with the same if not more beauty because of funding constraints. This is probably why one or two of Kermit's shoes look like they can do better in terms of hardware and stitching. But I have faith. One day at a time perhaps.


  1. people should definitely wear these shoes. i'm sure the risks of broken ankles will definitely decrease :P hahah.

    kidding aside, these shoes are beyond awesomeness. they make me proud to be a Filipino :)

  2. I'm a little torn about this. Yes, it's nice that a Filipino is getting recognized but they really resemble the McQueen stuff. Is it a good thing to recognize the best version of a famous product?

    But then again, that's just me.

  3. Rei - These shoes are for the weak. :)

    Citybouy - So I guess I'm not the only one. Hahah... You should see his new sketches on the site. I'm hoping he's just having a McQueen phase.

  4. yeah, the armadillos. not for people with weak ankles.

  5. I get and like that he is adventurous. having said that, I'm strongly against the rip-off or "inspired" designs he seems to come up with. Mcqueen was and is still legendary and an original. Is it too much too ask for original Filipino couture as well?

  6. I know, he needs to come up with more original shiz.

  7. Let's see what the future has in store for him since obviously he won't be able to "take" from Mcqueen any longer.