Sunday, July 31, 2011

Firsts On The Last

Today, on the last day of the month, I was devirginized in several ways, all wholesome.

My friends and I went to another friend's son's birthday celebration which was held in Jollibee. As with many children's birthday parties, there were balloons, music, dancing, dancing mascots and the dreaded kiddie games. I don't know about you but that part of the program scares me. I get the same anxiety when the tossing of the garter in a wedding reception comes.

At one point, some of use even went out just to avoid being picked. But just minutes after going back to our table, I heard my name being called.

I obviously survived and thank goodness it wasn't that bad. We didn't have to dance and there were no vegetables involved.

The party was in a rather isolated part of town--Alabang. I've passed by the area before but I never really hung out there. Alabang Town Center was just something I hear from people who talk about the nice, laid back vibe of the place until after the party when we decided to stroll around the mall.

It's like a mini Trinoma basically, but with a larger percentage of rich people I'm assuming.

We went home pretty early. Three of us were dropped off by our friend at the LRT station. Engrossed in chit chat, we missed our stop and found ourselves in Baclaran Station, the last one. That marks another first for me. Good thing there was a foot bridge to the other side and the train was still open.

July is about to end. The month brought about many realizations. Some minor, some not so much. I'm excited about August. I hope tomorrow will be the start of an awesome month filled with more worthwhile realizations, accomplishments and fun firsts.

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