Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Not Another Sunday Night

The other night, MFG and I met up at Greenbelt for a late dinner--well, dinner for him and supposedly just dessert for me which turned into a midnight binge since he made me finish half of his humongous burger. He's on a *diet.

The night, of course, was filled with food, stories, lectures and giggles snickers. The best part I think was when we headed to Makati Avenue.

As per tradition, we walked to his neighborhood where I would get a cab to go home. While walking in front of Pacific Star, passing by five drag queens, MFG lamented about how he misses living in Makati. He has been exiled in Alabang during weekdays for his new job. While he was telling me how there's nothing to do there, this street kid walking towards the opposite direction suddenly stopped beside us and pointed at MFG as if he were the latter's long lost friend. We were both stunned. After about 3 seconds, the kid proceeded to walk without saying a word. We burst out in laughter. I don't know if he was a practical joker or just stoned.

"That's Makati's way of welcoming you back," I said.

It doesn't end there. Around 1 am, while walking around the red light district, out of nowhere, this middle-aged guy came up to us asking us to help him "produce" P18.00. He didn't look homeless. He spoke good English and even looked mixed-race. He was, however, drunk I think. MFG appeared very stern while I got a little nervous. I shook my head and we went on walking. But the bastard was persistent.

"Ok, P10! P5!" the guy bargained.

MFG was ignoring him so the guy focused his begging on me probably thinking he had more chances with yours truly. I was starting fucking panic. Honestly, I could've just given him the money but I didn't because I knew I'd get endless flak for it later.

"You don't have money? So how are you going to get home? Are you taking a cab? You're going to walk?! Where do you live? Do you live here?" he exclaimed.

"Yes." I said, while walking behind MFG.

"Where? Do you live here?" he asked profusely while pointing at the next building called Sunette Tower.

"No. The other one," I said, startled. Good thing I didn't mention MFG's address.

The instant I said that, MFG turned left and disappeared into the entrance of the said building. I followed suit ignoring the security guard. We stayed inside just long enough for a couple of sighs then went out and explained to the guard what happened. Thankfully, that lunatic was no longer there. Whew. I wouldn't have known how to react had there been a physical altercation of sorts.

Based on the night's events, I guess Makati really missed MFG too.

It was getting late so we got me a cab. I bade MFG goodbye through the cab's glass window as he oddly looked on while he stood still at the pavement capping his visit to his old neighborhood.

*rolls eyes


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