Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Online Visibility

OMG. If you Google 'Kermit Tesoro', my blog would come fourth in the search results! How does this happen? Does this mean my blog is somehow relevant in the local blogosphere? It even comes before Divine Lee's and Indiebon's blogs!

How do you explain this when I only have 23 followers? Most of whom are not even 'regulars'.

This makes me want to get on with the improvements even more. I've been thinking of giving this humble, little online nook of mine a face lift. I want to update my blog roll and add a few extra functions here and there. I'm not sure how and when I'll be able to accomplish all this because unfortunately, I don't speak geek fluently.

Ok, I tried it again several times. The results are not consistent. Ugh.

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