Monday, July 18, 2011

Random Rants


How do you like my favicon? It's professionally done. By that I mean I did it on 'Paint' last Friday. Don't hate though. It took me hours to decide on that. I'm still not100% settled on it but that will do in the meantime. It's personalized, not too stiff and boring and it echoes my affinity for doodles.


This weekend marked this term's midterm examination. It wasn't easy but I'm glad it's over. Oops, that's all the time I have for that subject!

Red Truck

I'm feeling a little emotional about the sale of our red pick up truck. We've had it since 1993 when I was still a kid. I feel like it's not just the family's but the whole clan's. My cousins, siblings and I have fond memories of it. One of which is riding at the back whenever we'd visit our grandpa. We'd scream our lungs out while parking in front of his house. There's also this time when we welcomed Christmas at the back of it while en route home from another city.

But we're all growing up and are mostly based in different cities and countries now. My mom was driving that truck for the longest time usually for business but she's using a different vehicle nowadays so 'red' hasn't been very active for some time. I hope it gives its new owner good service because despite the repairs and costly maintenance, it certainly did us well--not plainly as a truck but a means to go places together.

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