Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Boracay Diaries (Part 2)

I Heart Cafe del Sol

This pictionary awfully overdue (thanks to my lost luggage ordeal) so let's get on with the show shall we?

First breakfast at the hotel - am I channeling Mary Kate or what? lol

The weather wasn't very consistent but good company beats bad weather any day.

This is the Greek salad I had at Hey Jude. I barely finished half of it. It's probably just me but I was *this* close to vomiting just before I decided to stop. At least now I know what not to order in a Mediterranean restaurant.

I had a chance to take in the stunning sights of Boracay during an afternoon walk. Loner much?

Photo sessions before dinner was mandatory of course.

For dinner, we hit up Gasthof for their famous ribs and other meats being the voracious carnivores that we are.

Then we went to MO2 at the Regency Hotel because I knew some members of the band playing. They even sang Happy Birthday to me! After that, we headed to Hey Jude for our DJ music fix. I was too busy dancing to take pictures though.

Can you tell I went boozing and dancing? Jammers is just beside Hey Jude. I just had to try one of their widely popular burgers. Yummers!

Jaws are the new cheek bones.

More narcissism and vacation pictures later...


  1. isa lang ang masasabi ko, lyk ko ang legs moh! more skin pls!

  2. That's weird because I think my legs are gigantic. But thanks!