Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lost (No More)

Like I have mentioned, I got my luggage back without any help nor feedback from Cebu Pacific despite the fact that they advised me they will update me within the day that I lost my luggage which is 2 days ago.

That night I didn’t know how I was supposed to sleep because the thought of losing my clothes and shoes just left me in shock and devastation. I don’t know about you but these are my babies. The contents of my closet are very dear to me. I find it very hard to dispose of my things regardless of how old or outdated some may be.

At 11:30 PM, my phone rang. "M", who slept over that night, and I looked at each other then I immediately picked it up to see an unfamiliar number calling me.

Me: Hello?
Lady: Is this (my full name)?
Me: Yes!
Lady: I have your bag!
Me: (heart stops) Oh my God! Really?

It turns out a lady, who was on a PAL Express flight from Surigao, picked up the wrong bag from the conveyor. It’s an error on her end but how could she have gotten it out of the airport even without the corresponding claim stub? Obviously, the security personnel at the exit were NOT doing their job and it almost cost me my luggage. It’s a good thing this lady was able to notice that she had the wrong bag and called me immediately a few hours before her flight to Detroit .

So with more hope, M and I rushed to the Manila Airport Hotel to claim my luggage. I even had our picture taken.

I look toasted and worn out, no? Miz Marylyn was lovely.

Meet Marylyn Zetts, the lady that accidentally took my bag. Blaming her never even occurred to me; probably because she told me she only had to go home to the Philippines because his father died, I’m not sure. It was apparent though that she was very agitated and seemed confused.

To cut the story short, I got my bag back and it’s Ms. Zetts’ bag that’s now missing. I actually saw her luggage doing multiple rounds on the conveyor belt in solitaire so I’m pretty sure it’s under the airline’s possession. On second thought, with the poor service I got, God knows where the hell her luggage is. I wouldn’t be surprised if she never gets to see her bag again. Nonetheless, I do hope she gets it back even though she mentioned it only contains some souvenirs and other unimportant stuff.

Isn’t it disappointing that even airport security can no longer be trusted? How incompetent is that? Even though Ms. Zetts got the wrong bag, further trauma and hassle could have been avoided had these people at the exit did their job properly and inspected the claim stub numbers keenly which is basically the whole point of their job and the reason why they’re getting paid.

The crappy service doesn’t end there though. Cebu Pacific gave me a phone number to call whenever I want to follow up on the status of my bag. I called the number yesterday and no one was picking up. Awesome.

These people are lucky I didn’t get my mega-bitch on and pulled a Naomi. I was in shock the entire time I guess.

Hopefully, I can have time to get in touch with the powers that be very soon to raise this problem so no one has to undergo the same trauma that I experienced. Stupidity can cost a lot sometimes.

By the way, it’s my Expedia bag tag that saved the day. I’m glad Ms. Zetts was able to decipher my crappy handwriting.


It's 2 AM. I'm exhausted from work. The Boracay photo extravaganza resumes on Thursday if not tomorrow. :) Good night.

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  1. Very funny. =)
    Buti na lang, I don't carry big bags whenever I go out of town. Hahaha!