Sunday, September 14, 2008


Cebu fucking Pacific lost my bag. I just arrived Manila and the first thing I experience is lose my luggage containing shoes, shirts, pants and other important belongings.

I feel like vomitting. You know that feeling when you're so upset your head hurts? I feel like my head is about to burst any minute now.

Basically, the airline representative I spoke to had me fill up a lost luggage form and advised me that they will update me within the day. I'm really not feeling so good about this however. The worse thing is I don't think the airline would be willing to provide enough compensation if ever they do not find my bag. I have a feeling it got stolen and the security personnel missed it or something. God knows where the hell that bag is by now.

That bag contains three pairs of shoes (Lacoste, Vans and Converse), five pairs of pants (three from Topman, one from People Are People and another one from Folded and Hung) and my baptismal cerfiticate among others.

What a way to welcome me back to Manila.

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