Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Boracay Diaries (Part 3)

It was really hard saying goodbye to Boracay. But as they say, all good things must come to an end. The weather was very gloomy the morning we left, as if mourning due to our departure.

That's right. Stare all you can. That's all you can do anyway. lol

Gawd, the memories. I really had loads of fun. I always have whenever I'm in Boracay. This place casts a spell on you. It's a love affair.

Anyway, enough with the Bora experience. Let's talk about the stuff I wore so you can stop reading now if this kind of shit annoys you.

First night: Where's my gondola?
The hat is from Diego, the shirt is from Topman matched with chinos from Bill Blass plus Havaianas and vintage beads from my mom.

Second night: Repeat Offender
I loved the chinos so much I had to wear them again the following night with the same accessories paired with a Folded and Hung tank top.

Morning Swim: 80s Dancer
The tank top is from Bench. The trunks are from Philosophy. The bandanna is from Human and the sunnies are vintage, again, from my mom.

Sunset Dip: One Piece. Period.
The board shorts are from Mambo. I look fat. I know. It's a work in progress. Shut up.

That's all


Thank god for Bora. 'Til next time.

Iloilo Intentions

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