Thursday, October 01, 2009

A Lighter Note

I'm supposed to be in Palawan at this very moment basking in its beautiful beaches and doing non-city things like breathing some fresh air. But because the trip got cancelled (not due to weather related issues), I'll have to put off this little vacation.

My ticket is nonrefundable. But surprisingly, Cebu Pacific has a conscience and will allow me to reschedule my trip to the same destination for any future date as long as I do it before October 5. The airline has a flexibility policy for Manila residents in connection with Ondoy's aftermath. Kudos!

I'm not sure about the new dates yet, but the bigger question is, who am I going with? The same folks I was supposed to go with are out of the question. If it's Boracay, I'd be happy to travel alone. But Palawan? I can't exile myself like that. Serenity and nature overload!

I may just let this thing go. But I don't know. I have 4 days left to decide.

Hey (youknowwhoyouare), reading my shit again while at work? Heheh... I can't belive you're reading everything! And oh, you have until toomorrow to give me an answer. *wink*


  1. Well, your blog is worth reading. I'd take reading your blog versus reports analysis any day. :-)

  2. Reports analysis does sound worse.