Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Market! Market!

Today I went to Market! Market! specifically to drop by the Artwork store to register for their t-shirt design contest. I found out about it when I passed by their branch in Glorietta 5 this weekend. The G5 store already ran out of registration forms and shirts so the sales staff instructed me to visit the one in Market! Market! since they still had some left then.

I love The Fort and I've been there a lot of times before but this is only my second time in Market! Market! since it's not really a favorite hang-out of mine. So just imagine my disappointment upon finding out that the Artwork store also already ran out of contest supplies. The staff suggested that I can go to the Bicutan branch but there's no way in hell that it's happening. MM alone is already a stretch.

Despite the unexcitement of walking around the very crowded mall aimlessly, I found a few pleasant surprises within MM.

(Sorry about the quality of the pictures. I didn't bring a camera and I was trying to be as discrete as possible.)

Is it called Superbench because it's super big?

First off, MM has got to have the biggest Bench store I've ever been in. It's like a little department store complete with footwear and toiletries.

Then there's Mental. I've read about it before. It's good to know they're expanding. I love the concept of the store and the clothes are not bad either. In fact, I love some of the pieces there, very edgy.

This store is fun, fearless and fashyon.

It was hard restraining myself from any purchases. I already bought some unnecessary stuff this weekend so I stopped myself from getting stylized shorts or weird mummy key chains. But Mental is in my mental list of stores to visit again.

That's one of the sales reps at the side dressed like a nurse. I love it.

Now if we can just get H&M over this side of the world, I'd be a very happy third world shopper.

My jaw dropped when I saw this store. BSX! It's the same store in Hong Kong where I got 14 pairs of their adorable socks! I didn't know there's BSX here! Jeez, who did the PR work for them? Anyway, of course I had to check. They do have the same socks but the ones here are more expensive than the ones I got in HK.--Apparently, BSX is a cousin of Giordano.

The center is very Ayala Malls isn't it?

After eating at Sbarro, I just bought some essentials at the supermarket then strolled around Serendra.

Market! Market! isn't so bad after all if not for the slightly cluttered corridors and dizzying people traffic. But I guess that's a good thing for them considering how the economy is.

Oh, and by the way, there was a guy jacking off at one of the urinals inside the 3rd (?) level restroom. The pervert was already "doing his business" when I went in. There was nobody else inside and I thought he was just peeing until I sensed him looking at me the entire time and he seemed to take forever at the urinal. When I was washing my hands, I took a glance at him and confirmed that he was indeed not just taking a piss. I didn't panic or anything. I just ignored him and left. But now that I think about it, I should've fished out my phone and recorded the spectacle while the bastard was hunched over the poor urinal.

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