Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Gay Gaze 2

This morning was crazy. In the words of Rachel Zoe, I died.

Remember that guy I had a staring game with 2 weeks ago? I bumped into him inside the friggin' jeepney again!

Like the first time, we sat facing each other. And of course there were some lip biting/licking and meaningful staring once again--mostly from his part if I may add. The bulge on his slacks was more obvious this time. He even "adjusted" his underwear once.

A few meters from where I usually get off, I alighted the jeepney to see if he would follow. And he did. I removed my headphones when he started walking beside me. I glanced at him to find a silly grin on his face.

"Parang malaki ah," he commented while looking at my crotch.


"Malaki ba yan?"

"Ano sa tignin mo?"

"Parang ok lang."

"Parang tanga ka," I wanted to say . But I just nodded instead and asked, "Tagasaan ka ba?"


"CR tayo," he invited.

"Huh?" I asked, innocently.

"CR tayo."


"Sa McDo."

I didn't respond to his invitation until we were about to part ways.

"Next time nalang," I told him while I turned the corner and proceeded to rush to work.



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