Sunday, October 04, 2009

Thoughts on a Gloomy Sunday

Scruff much? Maybe I do need that vacation more badly than I thought.

The Palawan thing is off! I called Cebu Pacific earlier and apparently, I was misinformed by the agent I talked to last week. It was this certain 'Olen' who advised me I could rebook for any date as long as I do it before October 5. But it turns out my new trip should actually begin by tomorrow! And of course that's totally not happening.

But whatever. At least now I no longer have to worry about who to go with and getting my leave approved and all that bullcrap. Ugh.

There was someone interested that would've made the trip so exciting but I don't know anymore. He never confirmed anyway so we'll figure out a plan B I guess. Or not.

I'm feeling a little down today. It must have been all that negative energy; bad news on TV, Internet, even on my phone! So I decided to go to Rockwell and attended the 6 pm mass. I also bought a gift for my friend H who is celebrating her birthday tomorrow. And to cheer myself up a bit, I bought 2 shirts at Topman. One of them was on sale so that's awesome.

The weather is so much better now although it was raining a bit earlier. I feel sorry for Northern Luzon which has been hit by the supertyphoon but I'm thankful Manila was spared this time. People are still recovering.

My friend Jules and I were talking about all these bad things that occured lately and I couldn't help but liken it to the 10 plagues in the bible. That means there's more to come after the earthquakes in Asia, the flood and the swine flu epidemic. Scary!

Hopefully, tomorrow's a better day--new work schedule and all.

The parentals are arriving in 3 days! I'm psyched. I just hope neither of them bothers me about getting a girlfrienfd already. That awkward conversation could lead to drama if I don't contain myself.

Jeezus. I could use a little optimism right now.

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