Thursday, October 22, 2009

Random Rants

Working Out

After a month of not going, I finally went back to the gym the other day. Something has to be said about sweating it out while pumping iron and knowing it's good for you. It's like going to church. It lessens the guilt.

Things change though once you spot a model-looking hottie with ridiculous cuts. Gawd, he's gorgeous.

Yesterday, I was so bored so I went to the gym again. It's a wiser decision over fooling around. Ok, I already accomplished the latter the other night so I didn't really mind so much. But really, I should be going to the gym more often than once a week. It's more productive.

Update: Project Runway Philippines Season 2

It's down to five designers who each had to create a "Parisian chic" dress this week for the L'oreal event in Paris.

Is it just me or is there a shortage of excitement and taste this season? Click here if you still care.

Patrick was given a second chance but failed to redeem himself so he was eliminated again. I have no objections this time. Even he knows he's not doing very well in the competition. Oh well. It's down to Cherry, Santi, Russell and Manny.

Fashion Week started yesterday and will end on the 28th but PRP is still a couple of episodes away from the finale. Is the show even part of the festivities? How are they going to stage the finale?

Music Minute
  • Beyonce and Lady Gaga are coming up with a music video! It's for Beyonce's next single 'Video Phone'. I hope it tops this hot shit. Calm down gay boy.
  • I heart Asher Roth. Hot. Damn. Ugh.
Gots to go. I'm hanging out with a friend later. Yeah, because that's the wisest way to spend an unpaid leave.

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