Monday, August 23, 2010

Cubao Xcellente

Last night was fun. Jeezus, Cubao X is the shit. I really love it there; the art, the vibe, the people, the parties. I joined Erin and his friends Rommel and Paul.

Paul, Rommel and Erin at Bellini's. I came late so I missed dinner.

Erin, being Mr./Ms. Congeniality and all, saw a bunch of friends/acquaintances. He introduced us to Daki (the one in the blue shirt).

And since this is Cubao X, we were bound to bump into resident (fashion) crazy, Marcel who was dressed as a pirate/lolita/french maid. Gotta love him.

As usual, we hung out at I Love You x Future where the music is always good, the drinks are cheap, and the atmosphere is laid back and fantastic. Let's allow the pictures to spell F-U-N.

Next time again guys, yes?


  1. Parang narinig ko na yang Cubao X bar ba yan?

  2. Check it out! Ang saya! It's acually a block na may mga iba-ibang bars, shops and art spaces.