Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Who I want for my birthday isn't easy to get (which is a good thing). So let me list down the tangible things instead that I would love to get as presents assuming y'all have very kind hearts and want a sure spot in heaven, and because I'm materialistic like that.

  1. Striped beanie from Topman- I've been into beanies lately.
  2. Birthday Stories by Haruki Murakami- Just because this sounds interesting, plus, duh. I saw this a while back. If I'm not mistaken, this is a collection of birthday stories as told by different people/personalities.
  3. Official Book Club Selection by Kathy Griffin- I got lost and distracted so I never got to buy this. But I still want a copy.
  4. A new water bottle- I left mine at the gym.
  5. A good floor lamp- You have no idea how much I have been looking for one. Seriously, I think the people at True Value, Dimensione, and Handyman recognize me now.
  6. Wallpaper from True Value- I headed to Powerplant this Sunday determined to burn money on this but I realized one roll may not be enough so I have some measuring to do.
  7. Suede men's lace-ups in camel from Zara- This would be my introduction to a more mature manner of dressing.
Not much, right? Support the Literary Bulimia Materialism Foundation now! Here's to more blessings if you know what I mean!

Photos: topman.com, amazon.com, reviews.com, goodhousekeeping.com


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