Monday, August 16, 2010


My eyeballs are about to drop to the floor. I am way beyond exhausted. My mind is a mess.

You see, since June, I've been working at my uncle's company. At first, I was only asked to "help out" because the current office assistants are hopelessly incompetent. I was getting paid to spend about three hours of computer work in a day. But after a month, I was tasked to do more work in the office only because we'll be stuck in a rut if we rely on these fucking geniuses whom we have yet to replace.

Then, last Thursday, my uncle all of a sudden decided to make me his assistant/sexytary/co-director. The last one is just on papers. I'm not getting any earnings from the new company. That same day, he asked me to fly home the next morning to get some papers signed which was good because I really needed to get away. So I really had a fun weekend.

Now, talk about a manic Monday. There's just so much on my plate. And it's fucking raining like crazy as I type this.

I have to work on a report. Oh, and there's a guest I have to attend to after work.


  1. who's this guest?
    mayo ka pa kapuli.. -luke

  2. An uncle. He ended up not sleeping over, so good.

    Yeah, I had so much with the gang! Wish you were there Luke.