Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Random Rants

Bereavement Trip

The day after tomorrow, I'm flying off to my hometown to pay respects to my Lola. As I've lamented in my last entry, she died of cancer last week.

I really don't know what to expect. It's good that everybody seems to be coping well though.


Did you watch last night's Urban Zone? I didn't. I fucking missed it. I was too busy sweeping the floor in my room and slightly rearranging my things.

I thought it was weird when Ellese, a friend of mine who works at ABS-CBN, sent me a text that read, "Urbanista :)." Then suddenly, I got three Facebook invitations from complete strangers. It turns out my comment on Urban Zone's wall about last week's show got read out on air by Daphne. Another friend who was able to watch confirmed it. How cool. Too bad I missed it.

The Coño Stranger

Friday---I was at Makati Stock Exchange to encash a cheque. But I was late so I basically wasted time and money, until I was waiting for a cab to go back to the office.

I walked to the driveway pissed off. I was aware there was a guy about five feet to my left but I didn't pay attention because I was trying to contain a major fit. An empty cab stopped and he went inside. Then he immediately stepped out. He was in his casual-corporate attire. I don't know what came into me because I don't normally involve in chitchat with strangers, but all of a sudden I asked him, "Ayaw nya?"

With his oh-so-coño accent, he responded, "Buendiarealengdoweh"---or at least that's what I thought he said. That's when I realized how cute he was. I began to notice his toned biceps and his subtly charming facial features. He's not the strikingly handsome debonnaire type, no, but he's definitely very cute.

I also noticed how he seemed so uneasy. He kept looking at different directions and a few times, we caught each other's eyes. That's when I realized what's going on so I pushed the envelope. I was like, "San ka ba?"

"Munillah," he replied.

At this point, I was wishing no cab would come by. But as bad luck would have it, one did. But before entering (and this is where I almost fainted/melted/masturbated), he looked at me and flashed a knowing grin. I reciprocated with a slight closed-lip smile. When the cab passed by in front of me, he was still smiling. I wanted to run. I wanted him to get the cab to stop. But I just looked on as he vanished into the Makati traffic jam. Boner.

I went back to MSE today. I was able to encash the cheque :) but I didn't see him. :(


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