Friday, August 27, 2010

Garage Goodies

My sister's back home and she decided to have a garage sale this weekend. I'm joining live via satellite from El Manille!

What do you think about this poster/Facebook ad I made?

By that I mean we'll be camming tonight so I can select the items I want to get rid of and will be good for the sale. As they say, out with the old, in with the new!


  1. I think the Facebook ad will do... =) The idea of a garage sale came to my mind when I realized that I have been wearing the same clothes in different pictures. HAHAHA! =) But our maid wants my clothes... She said that I'll get more if I give it to charity... WAH! Im confused...

  2. A garage sale is more fun but I also give some to the help. :) And I know what you mean about being in the same clothes in different pictures!

  3. garage sales are stressful but fun! i need to get rid of my stuff too. just couldn't find the time to organize and all that.

    sorry for the late visit! been so busy the past 2 weeks but thanks for the comment :)

    ☆ definitely, maybe ☆

  4. Natawa naman ako sa major major! Garage sales are fun! One time, we were able to buy an entire golf club set for the price of a few golf balls. Not that we play golf or anything. haha

  5. Joei- It's alright. Thanks for coming back!

    This is actually the third time that we're doing it (but the first time without me present). It's indeed so much fun.

    Citybuoy- Last minute ko na nilagay yan. Heheh... OMG, what did you do with the golf set?

  6. Well, none of us play golf naman eh. I think we were just into it kasi mura. Hindi nga namin ata inuwi ng Pilipinas. It's probably rotting in my uncle's house somewhere.

  7. Cool. I'd probably do the same thing and just hang the parts or something.