Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Age Issue

Oh my god, Tanya fucking Dziahileva is just 17 years old?! Ugh.

This bitch is practically a baby. A hot and fierce baby.

Jeesuz. Did you look like this when you were 17? I know there are a lot of other beautiful models out there who are probably zygotes compared to Tanya D. but I just didn't expect this uber successful model to be so young.

I just got from a workout and was watching F TV when I realized this. It turns out she was born in 1991. She didn't even make it to the 80s! Another thing I learned is she's from Belarus. I'm not sure where the hell that is (I'll Google it later) but I love Tanya. She has a really unique look and she knows how to work the catwalk.

Tanya giving love to another ferosh bitch Bryanboy.

By the way, what ever happened to Daria Werbowy? Gawd, I need to catch up on Models 101 instead of fucking around. However, the more important question is: What were YOU doing when you were 17?

I personally, was still in college struggling with Algebra, spending my allowance going to parties and still 99% virgin.

Gawd, and to think I'll be 22 in four weeks.

Photo Credits: nymag.com and news.com.au


  1. just found your blog by google.
    daria werbowy is still doing very well!

  2. Yes. Tanya was born in 1991. Coco Rocha too is younger than I am. I am 20 and Coco's like 19 or 18. One thing's for sure though. Naomi Campbell's the oldest among us three.

  3. Ooops, sorry. Wasn't able to read the rest of your post. You mentioned the year Tanya was born. Lol! Hahaha! Anyway, happy birthday!! I love your blog! Very chic and inspiring!

    Keep well,


  4. Funny! 99% virgin. When I was 17, I was busy thinking about being 18. When I was 17, I was very busy boy-hunting. And yes, I was 99.98% virgin. =)

  5. Eword - Hey, good to know Daria's doing well. That face doesn't come very often.

    Erin - I love Coco too! She's Canadian I believe. Thanks for the comments!

  6. Siri tollerod is also young, she was born in 1989, but look at this photo of her at V&R http://bp2.blogger.com/_bJJrxtWQivo/R8554l44hyI/AAAAAAAAAC8/1szo-48VsOU/s1600-h/siri_tollerod_viktorrolf.jpg
    She look 10 years older lol. anyway I love siri and tanya so much. I'm 17 and im not virgin anymore, no just kidding. haha

  7. Xxernan! I loove Sirri, too! Reminds me of Sasha. I love both Siri and Sasha. Who's the one I hate most? Catherine McNeil. I also love Maria Carla Boscono, have you seen her latest Hermes ad? Soo ferosh!!! Irina Lazareanu, I love also! Damn!!

    James, yes, Coco's Canadian. Coco Rocha La cucaracha!

  8. xxernan - Hoi! That link is not working! Hahah... You know Siri is pretty and her body is very "controversial" but I'm not exactly so drawn to her.

    erin - I'm so ashamed because I'm not sure who Catherine McNeil is. Again, I need to brush up on my Model 101. Irina and Maria Carla I know. Boscono bitch is soo high fashion. Irina seems really fun, quirky and I'm gettin very hipster vibes from her.

    I really love Coco but I happen think her legs are not as slim as I'd love them to be. (Freja has THE legs I think). Coco's campaign with Balenciaga however just won me over.

  9. My bad! I accidentally deleted my blog entry about Siri that's why the URL became invalid. :D my bad.