Saturday, August 16, 2008

Full Friday

Today was hectic. I did so much the entire day my legs are still aching as I type this. I literally went through rain and shine, dry and flooded as I shopped, ate out and visited some relatives within the last 15 hours.

During the morning, I woke up so early at 8:30 and went to the gym.

Some friends and I were supposed to go to ultra luxurious shopping destination Divisoria but the bitches cancelled at the last minute. We then decided to just go to Greenhills and we would meet up at Robinsons Galleria around noon.

I arrived at the mall early so I haphazardly looked around. Naturally, I visited Topman. I have to say that I deserve some sort of commendation for having the restraint lately since I've dropped by this store a couple of times and managed to get out empty handed. This time however, nothing could stop me. I blame half of this to my friends by the way.

I have a little vacation to enjoy in the coming weeks so I really should be saving up right now. My logical side got paralyzed however when I tried on these shirts. The pictures do not give them justice.

These items were on sale (30% off) so I think that's a perfect excuse for yet another impulse purchase. And yeah, basically, I already started shopping even before getting to the destination. I actually didn't buy anything at Greenhills but I got to be a pseudo fashion consultant. Let me consider this as one of those "it's not the destination it's the journey" things.

Today's outfit: Cheap Casual

The shirt is from a store called Muradito in Tutuban, Divisoria.
The rolled up cropped pants are Gloria Vanderbilt from relatives abroad.
The shoes are from Vans which I had customized by having patches added.
The aviators are from Bench. I've had these for almost 4 years now.
The bag is from Esprit.


  1. So fab! I particularly love your Gloria Vanderbilt pair. It suits you well. =) The Esprit bag is fab, too! Nakakainggit!!! One time, sama ka samin. You into ukay-ukay shopping?

  2. Thanks. I love ukay. Haven't been doing that kind of shopping lately though. I'm quite allergic to the smell but nothing a good purchase can make up for.

  3. Lyka Bergen - Uyy... Hahah. That's quite a compliment coming from you. Thanks!