Thursday, August 07, 2008

From One Ho-mo to Another: J. Harvey Gives Me Some Adivce

Ohmigod you guys! My letter just got published on A Socialite’s Life! It’s fucking unbelievable. Hahahah… Okay, it screams desperate pervert but whatever. It’s so exciting. Gawd, I love J. Harvey. I really appreciate the advice. The comments are both touching and hilarious.

Click here to see why I'm creaming my pants with excitement. It's just the jolt I needed during a hard time at work.

"What the hell is a mall comfort room? Like when you didn't get it on sale so you need to cry and be consoled?"

Hahahahah... I didn't realize these bitches do not know what a 'comfort room' is. My bad. At least I didn't use CR.

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