Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Retail Therapy of a Bipolar Shopper

The weather was lovely today, well at least during the entire morning. It was rainy and very windy. It would've been perfect without the rain. Everything was ruined though when the sun came out this afternoon just before I stepped out.

I went to the mall without any concrete purpose but to kill time and browse around just like the usual date I have with myself. I checked out Topman to see if they still have the hat I've been eying on and hoped it was part of their end of season sale. The good news is it was still there. The bad news is it's not on sale even though it's a straw Panama hat which screams summer. Hello?! It's a summer apparel and the Philippines is very well into the wet season. End of season sale! Ugh. I had mental bouts whether I'll finally buy it (plus a shirt) and spend the rest of the week on a very, very tight budget. Logic got the better of me.

Since I wasn't spending the money on anything else (or so I thought), I decided to treat myself to a drink at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I wasted this morning's 1-hour workout on a regular-sized Ultimate Mocha Mud Slide while introducing myself to Haruki Murakami's The Elephant Vanishes.

This shirt looks nice but it requires major sucking in. It's something I cannot wear to a buffet dinner.

I went for a stroll around after that and found myself liking a shirt in this shop called 101 New York. I really liked it and I thought it was a steal at roughly P700; two shirts (which can be worn together or otherwise) for the price of one. So I tried it on (the Large-sized one! I've never been a Large!). It's one of those things that's just not meant to be since the damn thing was too damn tight AND it was the largest size they have. Jeezus. It's not the kid's line is it? Ugh. Too bad. I really liked the design and the fabric. I'm just not sure about the construction though.

That's a small tear right there.

It's funny how I managed to brainwash myself that the only money I'd spend was for the drink and for fare but I almost bought a shirt which was never on the plan in the first place. It must have been all the hip and almost chica people that I saw here and there that got me in the mood. In fact, I was so "inspired" that I actually raided the ATM to buy the Topman hat and lost all logical sense whatsoever like any typical bipolar retail moment.

The sudden change of heart doesn't end there though. On my way to the store, the wares at Aldo caught my eyes so I just had to check out this joint. Fine. I lied. It was actually the cute sales clerk that had me tracing my steps back and drew me into the store. I pretended to be interested with the seemingly so-so men's selection until I spotted this pair of sunnies with the tortoise shell frame. I tried it on and just when the cutie approached me, I made a decision to ditch the hat (for now)-- another impulsive shopping moment with a little flirting on the side. Not only are the glasses more than decent looking, they're reasonably priced as well.

Nice? Yes? No?

Needless to say, I bought the freakin' glasses. While in the middle of the purchase, the chinky-eyed clerk asked if I have a loyalty card. I said no and naturally, he asked if I'd like to get one. I didn't show much interest since I don't really shop at Aldo and the establishments it is affiliated with like Bench, Fox, Belo, Human, Celio, etc. When I was handed my item however, as undignified as it sounds, I caved in if only to spend more time talking to this friendly cutie. I also thought it's a great chance to leave my number so yeah, I'm desperate. Hahahah... It was kind of fun. The P100 fee for the card gave me a few more minutes to interact with this guy and he addressed me by my first name when I was about to leave. Jeezus. Yes, I'M disgusted with myself too. LOL

I may have some sort of disorder but that's not an excuse to look horrible.

By the way, I later realized he's not just your regular sales boy. I think he's the store manager/supervisor since he was very well dressed and he was giving orders to the other bitches around.

After a brief brush with my future ex and my hopefully worthwhile unnecessary buy, I went to the comfort room to be slapped by reality.

Do I honestly think, all this flirting/playing around is going to give me what I want? With this skin, do I actually think this guy's going to miraculously text/call me? I need to work out a lot more.

My insecurities, which would shame the Chinese population, were about to stream in when I was able to get a hold of myself just in time and shifted my thoughts to the cash incentive I'll be getting from work.

I cannot wait until next pay day! I wonder if that Topman hat is ever going to be on sale. Should I just buy it anyway? Should I still consider buying that other pair of sunnies from Zara? They looked gorgeous on me and I looked gorgeous in them. These assholes need to wake up and smell the semen (on their hair) and realize I'm a good catch.

I went home feeling pleased with myself.

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