Friday, August 22, 2008

Thursday Round-Up

It's pretty obvious that I had a looong day.

Jeezus mother of god, yesterday was hectic. I had a really good time though. I love it that I was able to work out, canoodle, eat out, shop a little and paid the bills all in one day.

As usual, I started my day by dragging my ass to the gym. Then I went to the bank and the mall to take care of my dues and buy some meds. I forgot to mention that I have been suffering from pharyngitis again for the nth time this year. Gawd, I've spent over P600 on meds and I know it's not that much but it's certainly enough to be spent on something else more fun like a movie or a good meal you know. I hate being sick.

Anyway, just when I was preparing to meet up a good friend at the other side of the city, someone dropped by for some good, clean fun. It's refreshing because we didn't go very far unlike the first time we met last Saturday. Sometimes, it's more fun to just sit around, cuddle and laugh, and kiss. Oh god, listen to me.

Moving on...

My friend H and I went to Trinoma supposedly just to have dinner. We were both very particular not to spend so much because we have to save up for our upcoming trip but alas, she ended up shopping for some clothes and accessories while I settled for a straw fedora from Diego because it'll come in handy for our little vacay. So much for restraint.

We then headed to the much talked-about JT's Manokan restaurant and stuffed our faces with grilled chicken and garlic rice. Oh my god, the food was so good and sinful and cheap! The ambiance is very laid back and casual but the grilled chicken, my god, scrumptious. The keyboard is drenched with drool right now.

Apres JT's, H and I strolled around the Timog Area and ended up in Gloria Jean's. I just had hot tea since cold/sweet drinks will basically burn my throat. H had a cookie.

We went home around 3 AM. Whew. It was a long day and I loved it.


He dropped by again this morning. Dulce De Leche anyone? Now if I can just get myself to run this afternoon so I can burn off all that extra rice and sugar.

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